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Stretch Pallet Wrap & Dispensers

Banding and bundling, a way to contain small items for shipping or storage with stretch film, eliminates the need for tape, string, strapping, and other conventional securing methods that mar product surfaces. Narrow width stretch film stretches more than the wider widths while still retaining much of its memory/recovery properties. This allows the stretch wrap to recover and form-fit the objects - tightly banding them together. Tape, string, or strapping does not continually provide the same form-fitted wrap that stretch film provides even as the objects settle. Better yet, stretch film does this without adhesives. No adhesives mean that there is no sticky residue left behind or boxes surfaces torn up when removed.


NEW - We now offer the Nelson Wrap Dispenser, makes secure pallets easier and safer!

The dangers of traditional methods of wrapping skids are recognized by OSHA; as you can see, our unique wrapping system will solve most of the issues brought up in an OSHA study. OSHA review of pallet wrapping


Are you still wrapping pallets the old way? The back breaking way? We have the solution for you! THE NWD! Click for Details

Need a Pallet or a Truckload? Email us for Great Rates!

  • Tight wrap keeps shipments together during shipping.

  • Protects pallet loads from dust and dirt.

  • Reduces pilferage and tampering.

  • Light-weight, easy to transport. Operator can use anywhere.

These products ship via Ground. Listed shipping charges apply ONLY to the Lower 48 United States. AK & HI. Contact Us for shipping quotes.


Size Qty. Price
5"x1000' 80 Gauge Blown Stretch Wrap Film w/ Extended Core Handle Case 15 Rolls Click for Details
Stretch Wrap Dispenser fits 12" - 15" - 18" Rolls 1 Click for Details
18"x1500' 80 Gauge CLEAR Stretch Wrap Film 1 Roll Click for Details
18"x1500' 80 Gauge CLEAR Stretch Film / Pallet Wrap - Best Buy Case of 4 Rolls Click for Details
18"x1500' 80 Gauge BLACK Stretch Film


Case of 4 Rolls Click for Details

Shipping Terms - Above listed shipping charges apply ONLY to the 48 Continuous United States. AK & HI. Contact Us for shipping quotes.
We do not ship Internationally at this time.

Click for details

Contact Us for Ordering Information or Questions.

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